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Vehicle Financing at Palladino Lending Solutions

Along with Laurentian Chrysler, Palladino Lending Solutions is the credit specialist-branch of the Palladino Auto Group which has proudly served Ontario for almost 50 years. Combining years of experience along with the inventories of 11 dealerships across Ontario, Palladino Lending Solutions is the premier destination for vehicle financing regardless of your current situation or credit history. We’re all about finding solutions to your credit problems, so that you can get behind the wheel of the right vehicle for your needs. Read on to learn more about how Palladino Lending Solutions is here to help you with all your vehicle financing needs.

Ontario’s Vehicle Finance Specialists

Here at Palladino Lending Solutions, we specialize in just that: solutions. So whether your credit is prime or subprime, we will not only help you find a vehicle from our extensive inventory of 11 dealerships in Ontario, but we will also help create a plan and share advice to help you maintain and improve your credit. In fact, our Return To Prime program, which you can read about below, will help you rebuild your credit while lowering your interest rate year-over-year—improving your credit score and saving you money!


Return To Prime

It’s no secret that the automotive industry—specifically those targeting people with subprime credit—has a bit of a shady, predatory nature to it. The reality is, those with poor or subprime credit will often be approved for loans with incredibly high interest rates, which leads to missed payments and further credit troubles. At Palladino Lending Solutions, we believe that everyone should be able to improve their credit while driving a vehicle that fits their needs. So rather than penalize you for your credit, our Return To Prime program actually rewards you for making your monthly payments on time by lowering your interest rate year-over-year if you maintain your payment schedule. This way, not only do you have the opportunity to improve your credit, you’ll actually save money down the road by making your payments on time!

Referral Program

We’re so dedicated to improving both your credit and situation at large, that we’ve put together a great referral program designed to put cash in your pocket. Simply refer a friend, coworker, or family member to Palladino Lending Solutions and if they buy a vehicle we’ll give you up to $500 cash—every time! The best part is, after dealing with Guy and the team at Palladino Lending Solutions, you’ll have no hesitation in sending your loved ones our way thanks to your own firsthand experience.

Education on Finance

We’re aware that plenty of vehicle financing operations claim to do right by their customers, a claim you’ve heard so many times you’re right to take it at face value. However, one look around the Palladino Lending Solutions website and you’ll see that we’re serious about earning your trust. Whether it’s the straightforward answers to your questions found on our FAQ page or in our blog, we are completely transparent about how the vehicle financing game works, as well as how we can help.

For more information about vehicle financing, our Return To Prime and referral programs, our extensive inventory, or to simply begin the credit application process, check out Palladino Lending Solutions via the link below!